EXP Rates - Base 50x / Job 50x / Quest 10x Random item options - more random things Group EXP, Bonus - 20% per Member

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This is a download page.

Shining-RO uses the newest RO client so
Before download it is recommended you update MVC++Redistributable package use this patch

The full client is now available for download, you can get it here

The lite client you can find here (please do note that Shining-RO uses the newest kRO 2020 grf)

To avoid "file was downloaded too many times" you need to log in int your google account.

If you get a mfc100.dll file missing from your computer do this fix

1) download the link below and run the downloaded file on your computer

2) delete the old Shining-RO file and re-extract it
3) run Shining-RO setup and patcher

if you get D3D error you need to run setup.exe and put graphic settings to D3DHAL Example 
you can get support at our discord channel here